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07-Oct-2017 07:40

While many of you are just waking up to this reality now or very recently, I determined this way back around 2002 or so.

Back then, two things happened at the same time, one on the political right and the other on the political left, that made me realize that the USA was fucked long-term, no matter how people voted or what political movements they may attempt. Bush’s fiscal budget for either 2002 or 2003 (I don’t remember which).

So ask yourself these questions: At some point in the next few years, I’m going to publish a book about some specific answers to those questions, but you don’t need to wait for me. Don’t forget that it’s the WESTERN world that’s dying, not the WHOLE world. Read this quick article that I wrote here about my last visit to Asia.

Stop getting depressed or angry and instead look around for opportunity. Also read this article I wrote about exactly what China and other BRICS nations are doing to take advantage of the collapse of the West (and the USA in particular). The amount of money, power, and opportunity over there right now staggers the imagination.

Being a young single mom on some kind of government assistance is now a societal norm. Another report about how Western birth rates have declined, Yep, to be expected.

All of this was over 15 years ago, so any feelings about how “Oh gee, it’s so sad the West is dying” are long gone for me. Most of the banks that were “too big to fail” now even larger than they were during the crash of 2008? A historic bond bubble, stock market bubble, credit market bubble, and/or real estate bubble? I guess that’s why I don’t get depressed about this stuff while many of you do.

I’m not going to tell you the exact number, but holy shit, it’s a lot.

A lot of you Americans tell me that constantly seeing these new, record-breaking mass shootings everywhere is getting you down, plus the fact that openly trans people are now winning elections, as well as the recent wins of many democratic socialists in the last election (uh, yeah, I clearly warned you about that last year… At least three of you Australians have told me you’re upset about the latest census that shows that Australia is now more Asian than Australian, and a lot of you Europeans keep complaining about mass immigration and government corruption. And despite the fact that you know you should focus on internal solutions instead of external ones, and you realize you can’t really do anything about the suicidal masses, you still can’t help but feel sad, or angry, or helpless, or about it.So if you haven’t yet already, stop focusing on your nation, culture, race, or whatever, and instead…You and your close loved ones can live a great life despite what is happening “out there.” I am a quintessential example of this, and I’m not the only one. Take advantage of the collapse instead of getting depressed about it.And I was right; society is of them would go on welfare.

And I was right; total welfare spending has increased since 2002 (food stamps, SSI, TANF, EBT, disability, etc).

And no, you don’t have to move to Asia to take advantage of this rise (though obviously I think that’s a good idea too).